Stories of Hope

A collection of real experiences of people dealing with a mental illness or supporting others who do. Read some and you might relate, or gain some insight into your own experience- you're definitely not alone.                                            This is our community.

People with mental health issues sharing their experiences.
Social Anxiety - Sean writes about his experience with social anxiety and how he overcame it
Depression, Bipolar - Mary recounts her journey from diagnosis to recovery
Bipolar, Epilepsy, Alcoholism - Justin describes three conditions that affect each other
Loved Ones
Family, friends, and loved ones living with those affected by mental illness; how it affects them, how they cope, and how they support.
Bipolar Type II - Antonella shares the story of her boyfriend who has Bipolar Disorder
Share your story! It might help someone in a similar situation, or simply feel good to express yourself in an open and supportive space. Email us at with a one to two page story of your experience with mental health issues. Feel free to request anonymity and we'll change the names of people and places. We're very open to questions and suggestions too!